Me & My Girls
Crystal Comis, founder and designer behind Arrayed et Adorned, and Bathing Beauty Swim Wear, lives in Tacoma Washington where she makes a home for her husband Chris and their five lively children, and sews in the attic.

"Our life is NOT serene." "You will not find me sitting in the living room, sipping tea, in a perfectly clean home, with all of my duties done, while imagining color schemes and styles for my upcoming line of swim suits." "More likely, I would be sucking down an espresso, trying to work out a color scheme, running after an almost 2 year old, while keeping an eye on the other four rascals outside, making forts with rusty nails and rocks for hammers." That is a more realistic picture of my life."
"Our home is very full of life." "And though it can be a little nerve racking at times, it is usually exciting and robust, with the regular mess and splash of crazy for good measure, and we wouldn't have it any other way....except a maid would be nice."

"Arrayed et Adorned was born out of necessity really." "The ladies of our family had a need for some modest, but flattering swim wear, so I got to work at creating some."
"Turns out, a lot people felt the same way as I did." "I made suits for those who asked, and soon realized the huge need for this kind of swim wear, and that I had a great opportunity before me." "Now I just needed money."

"So, with no rich uncles to bequeath me their fortune, in 2006 I started Arrayed et Adorned on Etsy here, to make the money I would need for this dream of a swim suit company."

"After two years of hard work, I finally got to jump." "I started in my garage, designing patterns and sewing all of the suits myself." "And after many mistakes, and a plethora re-designing and of sample making, Bathing Beauty Swim Wear was born." "Eventually, I earned enough money to hire someone else to do my sewing for me, and that was a WONDERFUL day!"

"I am still in the production process of the Bathing Beauty Swim Suit for women, and may be for some time, but it will come." "And then I hope to start a new branch of Arrayed et Adorned called Liev & Lucius." But you'll just have to wait and see for that one."

"Here's to joy around our tables!"


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