Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Give Away Bananza

Giveaways are in the air. My friend Bekah has a sweet store called Amoretti Designs.

Bekah sells clothing for little ladies and all of the items you find at Amoretti Design are in fact designed by Bekah. She has a great eye for detail, for example, pay special attention to the back V neck of the wrap dress; it is exquisite while still being very simple. Bekah is giving away your choice of one of her feminine dresses. So take a peek at her on line clothing store at http://www.amoretti-designs.com/ and enter to win one of these sweet dresses at http://www.rebekahmerkle1.blogspot.com/

Don’t forget to leave a comment down below for the tie I will be giving away Friday the 16th of March.




Limnicky said...

Always happy to join in on these sweet give aways! As always we love your skills dear one!

Stephanie @ Bellini said...

I love your ties. Not only are they outrageously adorable they are well made. (insert image of me jumping up and down waving my hand saying "pick me, pick me") LOL.