Monday, April 23, 2012

Stencil vs Wallpaper

We live in a great big home, which has been split into a duplex.  It is an old home, and let's just say that the landlord has other things she would rather spend her money on, then to fix up this  old place. 

But God has blessed us here, and we are thankful that this home is both affordable, and large enough to fit our family of seven.  We love our crazy place, or, maybe love is too strong of a word, but at least we laugh regularly at our problems and dramas here.  Such as when mom was working on her work studio in the attic and fell through the floor.  Okay, so not all the way through, but the evidence of the fall, left a gloriously ugly bruise, which stretch the entire length of my lag. 

So, in the effort to make this place safely livable, and cheerful to be in, we are working on making improvements, such as paint, fixtures, new floor boards in the attic, yard work, which is really yard torture at this point.

As I was searching for some wall paper to accentuate our high ceilings.  Both with the hope of sprucing up the room, while detracting from the bad ceiling paint, I found some glamorous options.  But WOW!  Wall paper is, though beautiful, expensive.  Here is some great examples of what was looking for.  Or this one.  Love it!

However, I found this beautiful site for purchasing wall stencils.   I was not able to get a picture up, so pop over here to see. 
I would love to just buy some great wall paper to decorate our home in.  But at $85 a roll, I think I am out of luck at this point.

If I do this, I will be sure to post it. 

Enjoy your Monday!

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