Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adorable Ties- Are You Ready for Easter???

I hope you are all getting those Easter outfits together. I think that this is the grandest day in the Christian calendar, a day when we should all come out wearing colors that are bold and cheerful. What a day to celebrate life in the Lord, all things new and hopeful. I have always loved living in Seattle because we have a true spring here, and in Gods perfect wisdom, the time of spring greatly adds to the significance of Easter day.

Don’t forget, if you are in need of ties for your young men, be sure to go over to Arrayed et Adorned on Etsy and put in your orders while there is still time for them to be shipped to you. You can even put in a special order for a matching tie for Dad in most cases.

Speaking of special orders, this is another custom order I have to share with you. It is just too cute to keep it to myself. This order included two boys’ ties. These two boys are going to be in a wedding and while the elder boy is wearing a matching Youth Tie, the little guy will be sporting this adorable bow tie. Picture this on a 1 year old. J

I had not yet made a little mans bow tie and I am thrilled that I can now offer them for sale with confidence that you will actually get what you are looking for.

This bow tie is a real tie -bow tie and has all the features of our normal ties-scotch guarded for stain resistance, and made with integrity to last on those ruff and tumble guys.

So now I am off to finish Easter clothes for my family. I will show you when I am finished. Like I mentioned, I am all about bright and colorful for Easter and I think it is the most important day to express great cheerfulness with our clothing. We have a Good Friday service which our whole family attends in dark colors, usually black, to symbolize sorrow and mourning for the death of the Savior. So, Easter is a huge contrast with all the color I try to pull off so that we can symbolize great joy and bold triumph. And it is just plain fun for the kids to all wear new bight colored clothing.

Blessings on all your creations,


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