Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Cool Custom Order

I had to show off this custom order. I just made this tie for Matthias Rice, son of Terri Rice, of Pink Peppers. Her son plays the bag pipes and plays them in a band. This wool tie will finish off his black kilt uniform.

I really had to show this to you because my husband loved it so much; he has requested me to make him his own tie just like it. Actually, the request has really turned into a bit of a repeated praise, (He loves to flatter me so.) He has told men at church about this tie and repeatedly shared with me his love for this black tie. However, he has added a funky twist to it. He would like me to make some kind of a green screen print for it, one that matches the green dots. Now, you would have to know my husband to know what a huge creative leap this is for him. He rarely has an opinion about my work until it is finished and then he raves about it. But he has never thought up and idea and requested it. I am so thrilled with his enthusiasm, and I have every intention of honor this custom order from my husband.

So, when I get myself out from under my piles of laundry, making Easter clothes for my own kiddos and finishing up other orders, I will get myself hoppin with my husband’s new screen printed black wool tie and show you all what I come up with.

Happy sewing,


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