Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Little Ladies Bathing Beauty ~ Now For Sale

Arrayed et Adorned is proud to announce the new line of Little Ladies Bathing Beauty Swim Suits.

Thank you to Caitlin of Pink Peppers for hosting a giveaway of one our handsome Youth Ties . But I would like to especially say thank you for highlighting our new site with an article about Arrayed et Adorned and the new site Bathing Beauty Modest Swim Wear.

We have extended ourselves to a new site in order to highlight the Bathing Beauty Swim Suits we are now selling.

Come and see our new site and take advantage of our pre-order sale over at
Bathing Beauty Modest Swim Wear.

So come on over and see what all the fuss is about.



Jan said...

I love your designs...I wish they had been around when my girls were small. Have you done anything for the tween and teen years? I'm very hard pressed to find something for my 12 year old because her size is now Juniors...and the necklines just plunge!

Keep up the great work, and blessings on your efforts.

Crystal Comis said...

Jan, Thank you for your praise. I do design custom orders for suits. However, I do not advertise the sale of suit sizes above 11 years yet. My custom orders are on hold at the moment until I am finished with pre-orders for the Little Ladies Swim Suits. If you would be interested in making a special order you can e-mail me your request and we can talk further about it.

Thank you,