Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Has The Time Flown

Well goodness!! 
I can not believe how the time has flown by this year.  I had many intentions and creative ideas about all the fun posts I was going to share.  I even decided I would add some of our Comis Family adventures and moments to the site.  But can you believe it, I failed!

The Christmas season has come and gone. And I am looking forward to the newness of spring. But as long as the clouds, rain, and snow keep hovering over head, we must make our own sun. I see no other choice but to do a recap for 2010.   Pictures of smiling kids and crafty projects it just what is needed to keep the sun shining indoors.

I am going to take this next week to do a rewind on good old 2010.  

So excuse me while I reminisce.

January 26th is Lucius' Birthday.  So, just around the corner we will celebrate this little mans birthday, just as we did last year.   

We made a special ice cream cake to appease the adult attendants.  So yes, this 3 year old got 2 cakes.   And oh was it worth it!  Yes, that is caramel sauce dripping down.  This cake was amazing with layers of 2 kinds of ice cream, peanut butter, fudge, white chocolate, caramel, whip cream, and almond slices.  This is one amazing cake.  I recommend it highly.

Our favorite brown eyed boy, just like his daddy.  Smooch!



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Bobbinoggin said...

oh my. that cake would make my knees buckle. :)