Saturday, January 15, 2011

Auction Project for Our Kid's School

Over the last few years, as our children have attended Providence Classical Christian School, I have volunteered to make several of the class Auction projects.  Our school has been a great blessing to our family, and this is the least I can do to help out.  
The kindergarten class has a liking for these birdbaths.  One mother made one years ago, and the concept stuck. 
To the right is the one I have made for the 2008 School Auction, the 2010 birdbath is below, and this years birdbath is just about to get underway.  These are hysterically manipulated projects.  If you look close at the 2010 birdbath, what you will see is a pasta bowl, at top a soup bowl, a top a candle holder, a top a small, upside down, cake plate (a very cute cake plate at that), a top a large, upside down, cake plate.  

I paint it all, have the kids paint little animals, it all gets fired up, glued together, and Vwala!!  You have your self a birdbath that auctions off for miiiillion's of dollars.    
Okay, well maybe not millions.

This view shows the inside of the birdbath bowl.  These are wonderful auction projects, but would also be wonderful family projects.  I plan to do one for my own family someday.

A very important must know about these babies is that they must be emptied of whatever water is in them when it freezes outside, or it will crack the bowl.  Aaahhhhhh!!  Now that would  be a shame.  

Okay, sad story, as a side note.  This beautiful birdbath for 2010 was purchase by this great family from the school, actually, one of the teachers at the school.   Their son's, who no doubt where saving a baby, or some other heroic act, managed to topple the beauty into quite a few pieces and the great things it, the dad, with great skill, glued it all back together.  Now that is impressive!

Pottery is such a fun thing to do.  
Another great idea is a serving set.  A few years ago I painted a serving platter with appetizer plates.  This was really fun and creative.  I drew all different flowers in black outline, and each child chose a different color, with which they repeatedly put their finger print in the outlined flowers.  That was a fun set, and something that you could continually add to.

If you live near Seattle or Edmonds are, there is a great store called Glazed and Amazed which keeps a healthy stock of pottery on hand.  

Can't you just feel spring when you look into that aqua birdbath bowl?  : )


bean said...

Crystal - I've read your blog on and off for quite some time after stalking you from Femina, came over today and saw you were moving, kept reading some posts and then realized that you are leaving the school we are starting in the fall! Now I'm sad that I won't get to meet you, lol. We'll just have to pretend we know each other. :)

Crystal Comis said...

That is quite funny though, you gotta admit. Where are you moving from?

I hope you enjoy Providence. There are so many reasons to love that school. If you are starting with Kindergarten and teacher Karen Hummel, that would be one of the reasons. : )


bean said...

It is funny! One of ours is starting in kindergarten, the other is going into fourth - we aren't moving, just burned out from classical homeschooling. :) We are quite excited about Providence - the only negative is that we are in north Marysville so it's a bit of a trek. Can't wait to get started in the fall!