Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bad News & Good News at Bathing Beauty Swim Wear

First I will give you the bad news.
We are completely sold out of every Bathing Beauty Swim Suit for little ladies.

But the good news is so much better.  We are in the process of making a whole new line of suits.  These suits will have all new prints for the Spring/Summer Season of 2012

Some additional good news is that the Bathing Beauty Swim line is no longer sewn by yours truly.  This is good for you and for me.  You will get a very well made suit, and I will have more time for other fun things.  I have passed the job of sewing these suits off to a truly gifted production company in Downtown Seattle called Atelier Verdigris.

So keep yours eyes open for the announcement of the new line of Bathing Beauty Swim Wear for your little ladies, all brought to you by Arrayed et Adorned.


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