Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stylish Modest Swim Wear....psh, I Don't Think So!! PART 1

Okay, I am about to throw rocks in a moving vehicle, which I know is not advisable. I might get one back in the eye, it's true, but please read all the way through before you toss it back.

It is not my intention to discourage those who are trying to do good things in the name of God. But instead, to challenge us to think more like God- then do things in His name.

When I started making suits, they where for myself and my girls. But when I saw the general need for these suits in the market place, I began making them for friends, and eventually for the public. My aim in this venture is two fold, to see the female form honored, and most importantly, to honor God in return for the beauty He has given to us. This is my offering of thanks.

When I started Arrayed et Adorned, and got the Bathing Beauty Swim line going, I had no intention of being a single solder in the quest. I started this to give women another option of what they could put on, when it came time to jump in the water. I consider it to be one of the better options at the present. However, I don't expect it to remain this way.

Others will grow similar ideas and God will bless many of them in this work I am sure. The goal here is to see the ladies of the world arrayed with honoring beauty while at the beach or pool. Cause lets face it, I am quit sure that a bikini, which simply put is a spandex panty and bra set, does not bring joy to the heart of God. And please don't bother trying to convince me that He could care less. I am quite sure that He does. After all, He speaks on this topic often enough in scripture to indicate it's importance.

So, with that said, I must fuss. I am not just trying to knock around the competition (very much), I just can't abide all this foolishness.

So here it is- If you advertise modest swim suits, then they must be modest. I should not feel embarrassed to look at your website because all your models have taken special attention to make the most of those deep, V-necks tops, as they stick out their chests and present the girls to the public.

But on the other hand, if you are making modest swim wear that you also broadcast as stylish, well, I hope this isn't too painful for those of you who like them, but seriously, spandex Capri pants under a potato sack dress with three quarter length spandex sleeves. Stylish? Really? Are you sure about that? I don't think stylish is the word that comes to the minds of most of us when we view these creations. Muslims, we are not. We do not distain the beautiful female form God has has given us.

Listen, I deeply agree that modesty, in our bathing suit world, is a real issue right now. I also think it is better to get out there and start swinging at the ball, possibly missing a few balls in the process, hoping to knock one out of the park. That is completely different than doing nothing. But I do think we Christians should be knocking some out of the park. What I am saying is that trying is important, yes, but it matters what your trying for. If you have a solid biblical understanding of what God loves and what He hates, you will better be able to produce something He will love. Our problems is that our views on modesty are a little bit off, hazy, and often self righteous.

This really is not a my opinion vs your opinion issue. This is a battle for culture. Let me say that again. We are battling for the reign of culture. We are fighting against a side, the wrong side. We are fighting for God. Therefore, we better represent. We need to think ahead for our children, and their children. This isn't just about us, it never really is. This is about God's will being done on earth as it is in heaven. That may seem like I am shooting for the starts, but everything we do should fall in this category. Again, if we don't know what we are aiming for, we won't know how to get there. We will waist our time fighting for many things we think are good, just to find out later, we where wrong.

I would like to see Christians put way more thought and effort into this whole modesty controversy. What does God mean when he says to adorn one selves? How much must be covered, and when is it just too much? (I know, shocking that I would think anything is too much.)

Chew on this for a while. I'll be back with more.



Jill said...

Hi there. I love your article here! I have been searching and searching for a swimsuit for my daughter that is modest and not make here look like a...well...the potato sack thing you mentioned. I really like the cute one you have in your photo on the top of my page.

I actually ended up buying myself a used tennis dress from the thrift store (cute pink and white flowers) and wear that with some half-thigh 'bicycle shorts'. My husband likes it, but I don't look like I'm drawing attention to myself in a freakish way either. It actually looks somewhat like the one you are making (in idea).

Well, thanks again!

Have a great day.

Crystal Comis said...

Thanks Jill for stopping in. I love to know I have hit the spot for others besides myself. : )
A new line of Bathing Beauty Swim Wear is coming soon, just for the little lady. So, do stop back in to check it out.