Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Speaking Of....

Well speaking of great swim wear. Okay, not so humble, but if I don't like my own work, I better get out of the business now right. And come on, tell me this isn't so cute.

I have been spending quite a bit of time in downtown Seattle of late. I am working with a wonderful team of ladies, who are together Atelier Verdigris, developing my swimsuit line.

And here is one of our latest prototypes. There are still a few changes we have decided to make but they will be even more lovely when we are done.

Yeah!! Thank you to the ladies of Atelier Verdigris. You have been the oil in my gears. : )



Elizabeth said...

I love it! I'll be watching your blog to see what else you create. :-) II found you through Chrissy Evans - we attend the CREC church in MN.

Crystal Comis said...

Well thanks for stopping by Elizabeth. Chrissy is a the sweetest isn't she. And if you are at the CREC in MN, then we will be meeting real soon.


terri said...

That is so great, Crystal, that you have a team to help with you line of swim suits!

Crystal Comis said...

Thank you Terri!
It has been a wonderful blessing. As you can imagine-having a hubby, kiddo's and a home is challenging all on their own, trying to get a business going on top of that is quite a demanding adventure- so I am happy for all the help I can get. : )

Nadia said...

Hi Crystal, love your work! I'll have to keep these in mind to show my daughter. I think she'd like them also. Best wishes in business!

Crystal Comis said...

Hi Nadia, Thank you dear.
Yes, please do keep the Little Ladies Bathing Beauty in mind for your girls. That is what I make them for. Little girls seem to love that these look like pretty little dresses.