Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rebel Angle- By; Saticoy- Music We Need More Of

Totally unrealated to anything about me or my work, and important to be seen.

This is the band Saticoy, from Moscow Idaho. Yes, you read that right.

Katie Sanders, from the band Saticoy, is the vocal wonder for this sound coming out of the faithful Christian culture rising up our of the Christ Church community, in Moscow Idaho.

Here you can see them performing their song Rebel Angel, a song about Adam and Eve.

My husband and I where just talking about the embarrassing array of Christian music that can be found out there these days. It is not to say there isn't good stuff, but, it is hard to find. You don't have to know much about the Bible to get on Christain radio label. You really don't even need to have that great of a voice. It is getting to the point that any goof with a good heart, a guitar he pickup at the local goodwill and vocal cords can get his name on a CD cover and be sold next to the Amish romance novels in their local Christian book store.

Well this is not that kind of .....un recyclable goods. This is a creative sound. People who love God, by actually knowing His word, and writing about it in glorified, and creative speech. You gotta love it!

I am thankful for this group.
Keep bringing it Saticoy, and we'll keep buying it.


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