Monday, June 6, 2011

A Big Move

It is official!!

It has been in the works for almost a year. No, I am not talking swim wear.

Our family will be moving from Seattle Washington to Minneapolis Minnesota at the end of June.

Ahhhh!! I know! I can hardly believe it myself.

Yes, Minnersowta, as our family likes to call it. Not Fargo, but close enough. My husband and I are already regularly practicing our new language. Oh yeah surrre ya betch ya. Wherrre ready no doubt. Heavy on the r's and your pretty darn close. And just in case you are wondering what kind of activities they like to do in good old Minnersowta here is an example to temp you to visit us.

Ice Fishing.

But just in case this isn't your thing, there is always ice bathing.

That's right, you see it here. Ice bathing. That is what I am talkin about. Your beer stays cold and helps you forget your freezing on an ice burg. And if you are thinking it , it's okay, we all ready know it, we are a little crazy. : ) The comfort in it all is, so are those we going to move over to be with. Just a shout out to the Abins and the Evans.

We thought we where back in Seattle to stay. But it seems God was sweet enough to bring us back for just a few years this round in order to let us be apart of some really important times in our extended families lives, and we are so thankful He did. But now He is moving us on. My sweet hubby has received an Associate Pastoral position at Christ Church Twin Cities with Pastor Jeff Evans (a great friend) and we are quite ecstatic about the whole thing.

This crew of people from Christ Church have gone out of their way to find us housing and get us all we need for the move. We are absolutely positive that we are undeserving of this full love they are enthusiastically extending to us. But we are loving it!

So keep us in your prayers. You know how eventful moves can be, let alone moving to a different state.

To great adventures,



Terri said...

Congratulations on this big adventure!

Alison Landis said...

My family adore the Evans family. How sweet for you to have this time with them! God bless your new adventure!